QGIS – videos

There are plenty of YouTube videos dealing with Quantum GIS (QGIS). A small selection is linked here to give you a basic idea and starting point.

The videos presented here can be catagorized as follows:

Some introduction to Quantum GIS (QGIS):
1. extensive:

2. brief:

Overview of QGIS capabilities (general)

The following videos are without comment by the author so pay attention where he clicks. With the permanent development of QGIS the layout of the menus and the design may change hence pay attention at the menu or module names rather than they exact layout and location. There is no harm in thinking while clicking buttons! 😉

  1. Introduction to Quantum GIS

2. Quantum GIS: Symbology and Labeling

3. Quantum GIS Layer Properties”>Quantum GIS: Layer Properties

4. Quantum GIS Georeferencing and Vectorization”>Quantum GIS: Georeferencing and Vectorization

5. Quantum GIS Vector Analysis”>Quantum GIS: Vector Analysis

6. Quantum GIS Map Composer

7. Quantum GIS: Raster Analysis

8. Quantum GIS: Projections

9. Quantum GIS: GPS


Specific task related videos:

One of the main tasks when working with GIS is the georeferencing of e.g. scanned maps. A brief introduction how to do this can be found here:

Create and edit shape-files in QGIS: