SERVIR is a global network of regional partners dedicated to environmental management through the integration of Earth observations and geospatial technologies. We create new tools for use by stakeholders in developing countries to improve environmental management and resilience to climate change. Since its inception in 2004, SERVIR has helped decision makers in SERVIR hub regions improve monitoring and forecasting of water and air quality, extreme weather, biodiversity changes, land cover changes, and more.

Servir – Global website:

Unfortunately it is only available for:

  • Mesoamerica
  • East Africa (parts of)
  • Himalaya (parts of)

But it is a great tool, especially for the interested public and decision makers and links also to some downloadable dataset. It is probably one of the projects where we can see where it might go in future.
It would be nice to have somethinlike this with global coverage.

For Mesoamerica and download of the Desktop viewer (based on NASA WorldWind) visit: