DLR – X-band SRTM (25m)

“Free SRTM X-band data!

The DLR SRTM X-SAR digital elevation models (DEMs) are now available at no cost! You have to be an EOWEB® registered user and login with your user name and password in order to access the data. In addition to placing a regular product order in EOWEB-NG for up to one hundred tiles of SRTM X-SAR DEM or image data, the SRTM X-SAR DEM data can be downloaded in bulk from the SRTM FTP-Server. The DEMs are provided in packages of 10 by 10 degrees. Upon login, follow the link ‘Download SRTM Data’ at the top of the EOWEB-NG homepage to directly download the SRTM DEM data via FTP.”
(source: eoweb.dlr.de, 12.09.2014).

Access to the data: http://eoweb.dlr.de:8080/free_SRTM_X-band_data.html

Note, this data was not acquired seamlessly in 2000 during the SRTM mission and hence may not cover your area of interest.