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DLR – Earth Observation Center

The main entrance to access DLR data is the DLR eoweb-site:


“DLR EOWEB® – Next Generation (EOWEB-NG)
The user interface Earth Observation on the WEB provides access to the earth observation data available at the DFD. As registered user you can search for catalogue data, view browse images, order catalogue data, specify and order future acquisitions.
Data and products available via EOWEB-NG include:


Further Sources and direct links:

Data Guide

“This data guide will assist you in the process of retrieving data from DLR and other data providers.”

useful links are the:

DLR acquired some X-Band SRTM with a spatial resolution of about 25m. A coverage of this dataset is indicated by this kml file.

Further linked data and website include:

DFD Data services