Statistic data (global)


“The ESCAP online database includes country-level data related to demography, migration, education, health, poverty, gender, employment, economy, government finance, employment, transport, and environment. The comparability of indicators across countries and over time is maximized by limiting the data to a single source per indicator and by using well-recognized international data sources. The database also includes aggregate data for the world, major geographic regions, ESCAP subregions, income groupings of ESCAP members, ESCAP LDC countries and ESCAP LLDC countries.”

The focus of the provided information and database is the Asian-Pacific area.

UN statistic data

Various statistical data such as population, percentage of access to Internet, demographies etc reported by countries to the UN. All in all there are: 34 databases – 60 million records

Worldbank statistic data

World Bank Open Data: free and open access to data about in countries around the globe. This dataset is generally not only well organized but it also tends to be more up-to-date than the UN statistic data. Interesting datasets (tables) can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel or CSV format and easily linked with GIS to be displayed.