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Terrain Analysis Using Digital Elevation Models (TauDEM)

(requires ArcGIS)

TauDEM (Terrain Analysis Using Digital Elevation Models) is a suite of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) tools for the extraction and analysis of hydrologic information from topography as represented by a DEM. TauDEM provides the following capability:

  • Development of hydrologically correct (pit removed) DEMs using the flooding approach
  • Calculates flow paths (directions) and slopes
  • Calculates contributing area using single and multiple flow direction methods
  • Multiple methods for the delineation of stream networks including topographic form-based methods sensitive to spatially variable drainage density
  • Objective methods for determination of the channel network delineation threshold based on stream drops
  • Delineation of watersheds and subwatersheds draining to each stream segment and association between watershed and segment attributes for setting up hydrologic models
  • Specialized functions for terrain analysis, including:
    • Calculates the slope/area ratio that is the basis for the topographic wetness index
    • Calculates both the distance up to ridges and down to streams in horizontal, vertical, along slope and direct variants
    • Maps locations upslope where activities have an effect on a downslope location
    • Evaluates upslope contribution subject to decay or attenuation
    • Calculates accumulation where the uptake is subject to concentration limitations
    • Calculates accumulation where the uptake is subject to transport limitations
    • Evaluates reverse accumulation
    • Evaluates potential avalanche runout areas”

: A new Tool for Tectonic Geomorphology

(requires MatLab and some additional toolboxes such as: mapping and statistics toolbox)

TecDEM is a software shell implemented in MATLAB that applies tectonic geomorphologic tasks to digital elevation models (DEMs). The graphical user interface of TecDEMprovides several options: determining flow directions, stream vectorization, watershed delineation, strahler order labeling, stream profile generation, knickpoints selection, Concavity, Steepness and Hack indices calculations. The knickpoints along selected streams as well as stream profile analysis, and Hack index per stream profile are computed using a semi automatic method. TecDEM includes a suite of algorithms to analyze topography, extracted drainage networks and sub-basins. The generation of morphometric maps for surface dynamics and basin analysis is a futher feature. TecDEM also allows the extraction of parameters such as isobase, incision, drainage density and surface roughness maps. Furthermore there are tools for basin asymmetry and hypsometric analysis.