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    • ¬†CREST

CREST (Coupled Routing and Excess STorage), a high-resolution distributed Hydrological Model developed through a collaborative effort among OU, the ARRC and CEES, was licensed by the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center for their SERVIR-Africa and SERVIR-Mesoamerica system deployment. SERVIR, a joint NASA-USAID initiative, is a Regional Visualization and Monitoring System that provides critical information about Central America, the Dominican Republic and East Africa. The project addresses nine societal benefit areas of disasters, ecosystems, biodiversity, weather, water, climate, health, agriculture, and energy.see also the Servir project(s)

ComMIT is an internet-enabled interface to the community tsunami model developed by the NOAA Center for Tsunami Research (NCTR).

Response on request to access and use the software in a research project:
“…Since ComMIT is a full implementation of the Method of Splitting Tsunamis (MOST) hydrodynamical model, we do require attendance at a ComMIT workshop, acquiring experience and training in both numerical modeling and the physics of tsunamis, before releasing the software.¬† Due to a lack of available instructors, we do not have any ComMIT workshops scheduled at this time …” (remark: mid 2012).